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In order for Jus-Rite to prepare an accurately priced quotation for a gage design and build project, the following information should be included with the RFQ. When information is lacking, there is a risk of over engineering the gage during the concept process. The better our understanding of what the customer expects from Jus-Rite, the better chance we stand of preparing the winning proposal.
The part drawing with the characteristics to be checked identified, circled or highlighted.
A sample part if available.
Who is the contact person for collaboration on gage design?
Will a CMM staging fixture also be required?
Will the gage be hand loaded, robot loaded or auto inline?
Is a gage stand or cabinet required?
Is data gathering required?
What are preferences regarding manufacturers of controls, hydraulics, electronics etc.?
Will the gage interface with other existing equipment?
How many parts per hour, day, year will be processed through the gage?
How many years is the project expected to run?
When will the gage be ordered?
Will production parts be available for fine tuning and the GR&R test 2 to 4 weeks prior to delivery date?
Will the customer assist with the GR&R run off at Jus-Rite in Elkhart Indiana?
How should gage be delivered, i.e. our truck, their truck, a preferred carrier?
What is the amount budgeted for the gage?
Are Jus-Rite payment terms acceptable?
Notes taken during discussion with the customer outlining expectations and any issues that would not be obvious from the part drawing.
Are there other people at this location who are associated with this project that we should be aware of?

Jus-Rite Engineering will assist you to any extent practical in our effort to design and build a gage that performs exactly as per your request and expectation. If you have a need for variable or attribute gage fixtures, CMM staging fixture, automatic inline gage systems, then you are a potential Jus-Rite customer. If what you need in terms of gage equipment is somewhat out of your normal frame of reference, Jus-Rite will provide a gage designer to assist you. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding gaging, such as the interpretation of GD&T call outs, data gathering or how difficult characteristics should be checked.
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